Neora – a company coming of age

Times and people are changing, and successful companies need to adapt and change with them. The launch of the new name and compensation plan on February 1st, 2019, marks a new milestone in Neora’s history, the beginning of a new era. The company hit the reset button, took all the learnings of 7 years of successful business and move on to a new, revitalized way of doing business. With a new name, an updated look, new packaging, and new compensation plan, Neora become a company for the future.

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Launched in 2011 with a flagship product, a face cream containing Nerium Oleander plant extract as the main ingredient, the company sustainably invested in research and development which lead to what it is today, an international company, an anti-aging and wellness leader, with multiple product lines. The name of the company could not be associated with only one ingredient anymore.

Neora’s products

The company is reinventing itself on the grounds of the previous successes. The product lines that proved efficient in the past are continued with an updated package but with the same high quality and exclusive ingredients.

Some of the top product categories include:

  • Age IQ Night and Day Cream
  • Firming Body Contour Cream
  • Age-Defying Night Serum

Neora believes in a holistic approach of beauty and anti-aging process. The anti-aging fight does not mean exclusively face, and body cream, the inside, and the overall health are as important as the exterior skin appearance. The product line expanded beyond skin care and moved toward the wellness segment. Some of the products with highly proven efficiency in this sector include:

  • Wellness Energy Chews
  • Youth Factor Superfood and Anti-Oxidant Boost
  • Prolistic Pre & Probiotic Plus Vitamin

The new era

Neora was founded in 2011 with one strong mission – make people better and further on making the world better. The company is highly recognized in the non-profit sector for their philanthropic efforts and corporate social responsibility programs. Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America, or Rotary Club of Dallas are just some organizations which recognize the company’s continuous services to local community members. Civically minded and community-oriented, Neora funds exciting and inspiring projects in uplifting and heightening the lives of young children, teens, and families, fighting poverty or injustice and providing life-changing and life-enriching opportunities for all involved. Since the beginning, the company is true to its mission to create a better and enlighten the world.

Closer to clients through brand partners

To be closer to their clients and offer personalized and customized advice, Neora is a network marketing company which gives the possibility to anybody to sign up as an independent distributor, called Independent Brand Partner. A small start-up fee is required to become an independent sales rep of the company and make a commission from selling Neora’s products to your own network. To make things easier, the brand partners have a replicated website that acts as a point of sales for customers to order directly through that website. Everything from shipping to credit card processing returns or brand partner commission is handled by Neora for an easier and safer way of doing business for both the sales rep and the customer. Training and assistance are provided to the brand partners so they can further assist the customers in completing their transactions.

The compensation plan is similar to other MLMs. Brand partners get a percentage of their sales as commission. More sales, higher the rate.  Each enrolment of a new brand partner with a Success Pack within their first 30 days brings a higher leadership rank and more earnings. There is also a rewards program for each customer that becomes a Preferred Customer, implying a monthly commitment to products being automatically shipped.

All these ways to make a business for yourself as Neora’s Brand Partner lead to increasing the leadership ranking which further leads to more earnings. Once a particular rank is reached, the sales rep will remain there until advancing to what is referred to as the “Highest Achieved” rank or level. All bonuses and commissions are determined during a given bonus period and are paid out in what is referred to as a “Paid As” rank.  There are also weekly or monthly bonus periods where your Paid As rank may increase or decrease pending qualifications being met.

Neora new approach in life, in general, is holistic, spreading from the way of doing business to civic commitment or care for clients and business partners. It moves forward into the ever-changing times with new energy caring along the way the learnings from the most successful past.

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