What Is Neora

In recent times, the company has rebranded its name to Neora. The new company was expected to have a fresh and modern look and an improved and sufficient compensation plan for its independent brand partners who have massively contributed to the expansion of the business.

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Neora, previously known as Nerium International was established in 2011. At its inception, the name was derived from an ingredient that was extracted from Nerium oleandrin. The extract was the first ingredient that the company used in its operations.

At the announcement of the plan to rebrand the name of the company, the company Chief Executive Officer and founder, Jeff Olson, noted that the company was committed to consolidating the experience they had acquired over the last seven years with a view of creating something that would be better.

He also noted that the company had evolved to include more ingredients and offer more scientifically approved products.

Neora is significant in the new aura that it offers coupled with the energy and zeal to expand the distribution of the products to the global market.

Nerium Oleander Extract – a poison or a remedy?

As noted above, the initial name of the company was derived from the first ingredient that the company used, an extract from Nerium oleandrin. The first instance in which Nerium oleander was used involved the treatment of cancer in a pet.

Even though a raw Nerium oleandrin poses harm to human life, an extract of water from Nerium oleandrin is essential for human health. In his application for patent, Dr. Ozel, the head of the surgical department at a hospital in Turkey, presented a 70% success rate of the patients treated with the extract.

The extract has responded positively to cancer infections, even in humans. Even though the evidence from scholar points to a limited level of positive response to the treatment, there are practical experiences that can easily be pointed out in various instances of treatments.

While studies continue, we remain persuaded to the current finding that the Nerium oleandrin extract treats cancer. Besides, the immunity aspect associated with Nerium oleandrin extract in managing the disease gives it the benefit of being a remedy in the health sector rather than a poison.

The mystery of Neora

The Munich University Pharmacology Institute, in 1988, formed a research team to establish the active components of the Nerium oleandrin extracts. The research found out various polysaccharides that were essential in offering immunity.

The research, however, did not attribute the ability to offer immunity to a single component. It showed that the components worked jointly to enhance the immune systems.

In recent studies, glycoside oleandrin has been identified as the main active gradient against cancer. Many people, however, still believe that a synergy between the various components plays the role.

Bottom line

The Nerium Oleandrin is the sole contributor of the Neora Oleandrin Extract (NOE), a substance that helps to boost immunity and enhances the treatment of cancer. The synergy between the various components of the extract plays an essential role in ensuring good health and increased body immune system. Although the company has been rebranded, it has not changed its objectives. Neora has been expanded to become an international company offering a wide range of Nerium-based products. According to Olson, the rebranding was aimed at describing the company and also its vision in meeting the rising demand for its products.

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