How Neora is different from your regular skin care provider

Neora is a company founded in Texas in 2011 that started out as a small business with only 13 employees and grew into what it is today – a global relationship marketing company offering breakthrough, proprietary age-fighting skincare and wellness products. In only 1 year, the company grew to 100 employees and achieved $100M in annual revenue. It has been seen on shows like Good Morning America, CBS, and The View, and is also featured in tons of magazines. Over the years, Neora remained true to its initial purpose: “looking better and living better”.

skincare protection

Over the years the products diversified, Neora offering today a wide range of skin care and anti-aging products with fast long-lasting results. It functions as an MLM – Multi-level marketing business, meaning that everybody can join and earn money from marketing and selling the products.  Since launching in August 2011 with the mission to Make People Better, we have achieved record-breaking sales and industry accolades, attracted millions of fans who love our products and their real results, and helped thousands of people build businesses that set them on course to live their dream lives.

A truly unique way to fight aging

Here at Neora, our reason of existing is being real, true in our nature. Therefore, everything we do has a strong science-based background. 30% of the profits that Neora earns are used to fund research in the skincare industry. This means that we are leaders in the industry and are pioneering some of the new developments in the skin health industry.

Years of scientific research led to a unique extract that we use in our products: Nerium oleander plant extract. Very reputable studies show that oleander plant can be extremely beneficial when used in reasonable amounts. Neora knows best how to balance the great ingredients extracted from the nature with other top-quality premium ingredients to create age-defying products that reveal your true beauty.

Some of the products Neora produces include: eye-creams and various moisturizers for the face, brightening cream and foundation to encourage the youthful appearance and brightness of skin, contouring lotion to help accentuate the natural angles of the face.

The anti-aging products are by far the most popular products, and also Neora’s core business. The Age-Defying Eye Serum or the Eye-V Moisture Boost Patches are intended to help the development under the eyes and fight the degradation of skin due to age or environmental factors.

In addition to providing products that help boost the skin and your exterior health, Neora develops some health and wellness supplements that can help you internally. This include EHT Brain Formula or Youth Factor Vitality. They are internal supplements created to prevent aging and make you feel younger, more energetic and healthier.

The Neora’s products popularity alone, beside the years of clinical studies and research, stand proof of their efficiency. The safety of our clients is non-negotiable for us. All our products undergo a thorough testing both in our own test lab and during third-party studies. However, we acknowledge the uniqueness of each individual skin and we encourage customers to test our products since they are not recommended for people prone to skin illnesses.

Does Neora really make a difference?

Neora means new era, a new approach in everything, from the products themselves, to the way we approach our clients and our business model. We encourage our clients to test our products and see the results themselves. Our Customer Service representatives are highly trained and have one main task: to keep the clients happy. However, we offer a 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantees to all Retail and Preferred Customers.

Neora became a multinational company and grew in record time due to customers appreciation of the product. The unique compound extracted from Nerium Oleander plant is the secret ingredient in all our products and the results are remarkable. We like to approach each client personally so we choose a MLM business model that allow us to grow and change together with our clients. We stand beside our Independent Brand Partners, offer valuable training and a high-income compensation plan. But the most important thing is that our final clients will have someone they know presenting our products in a very personal approach.

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