Improving Skin Texture – Practical Tips from Neora

Skin beauty seems to be a constant concern, but sometimes we tend to ignore the fact that skin health can be determined also by how it feels, not just by its looks. From acne to wrinkles or medical conditions such as eczema, your face will feel uneven or rough to the touch. What are the causes of unsmooth skin and what can be added to your skincare routine to make it feel softer and healthier?

What Makes Skin Rough

Most of the time, skin roughness is caused by unprotected exposure to damaging external factors. Sun damage and various environmental pollutants can lead to dryness, flakiness, redness, pigmentation or sagging, which are all signs of aging. In some cases, serious medical conditions such as psoriasis or eczema contribute to this situation as well.

When your face feels rough to the touch it’s usually because of an accumulation of dead skin cells on its surface. Those, alongside pimples, make skin feel rather bumpy. Lack of hydration and a decrease in natural oil production lead to increased dryness.

As we age, we also experience lower levels of substances which keep our bodies and skin looking young. Collagen and elastin, which provide skin firmness, aren’t getting produced as much. In menopausal women, hormonal changes paired with 45% lower collagen will take the form of skin issues.

The Path to Smoother Skin

We recommend starting small, with baby steps, that are easier to include in your everyday habits. For example, water is great for your internal organs overall, so why shouldn’t it have the same benefits for the one protecting your body on the outside? Hydrate throughout the day to eliminate toxins and plump up skin cells.

What you eat is important too, so make sure to remember that simple five-a-day rule. That means including five servings of fruits or vegetables into your diet since they contain all the important antioxidants which keep skin young, and therefore smooth. Processed sugar, excess salt and alcohol dehydrate the body, cause skin inflammation and could lead to acne too. Try reducing the amounts you consume.

Furthermore, get proper sleep. Stress accumulated throughout the day will take its toll on your body’s health. That also results in dull-looking skin, more wrinkles such as those caused by frowning and dark circles underneath the eye from lack of rest. Reserve seven or eight hours of your time for sleeping and get some exercise during the day to ensure proper blood circulation.

Now, getting our hands on skin itself: cleanse twice a day, do not forget to remove makeup and all that sweat and dirt which got mixed on the surface of your face. Try the Neora face wash, it will give you an effective cleansing, without being too aggressive.

Next up is moisturizer, which must not be skipped, regardless of skin type. It’s the main product which helps hydrate skin, keeping sebum production at optimal levels. You’ll be able to prevent flakiness and fix that dry skin situation you might be dealing with. Ingredients such as glycerin or hyaluronic acid will plump up tissue, giving it a smoother feel. Something that also includes vitamin C is an even greater idea as this protects skin from external damaging factors and eliminates signs of aging such as spots or fine lines.

In order to remove dead layers of skin, you could try exfoliation or chemical peels from time to time, maybe once a week. You could do this with a brush, scrub or ask a professional salon for a peeling. By going through this sort of process, you reveal healthy layers of skin underneath, that actually benefit from the other beauty treatments you’re using. Plus, tissue regrowth and collagen production are stimulated.

You’re probably aware of the damage sun can cause, starting with dark spots and going as far as skin cancer. UV rays break down collagen and elastin. They don’t act only during summer or midday, when they might be the strongest, but reflect on snow in winter and pass through office or car windows. Our point is: they dry out skin and cause wrinkles, which gives skin that uneven texture. Pull out your SPF, don’t leave your house without applying some.

There are many ways in which you can save yourself the trouble of worrying about skin looks and texture, so start early. Grab a few quality anti-aging helpers, such as the Neora products, and start this journey of keeping your face smooth and healthy. Looking better and feeling better come in your life as a pack, keep that in mind!

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