Your Ultimate Skincare Routine for Dry Skin from Neora

Many people consider oily skin as being the most problematic, a cause for interminable acne issues even at a mature age. A few are lucky, having something we call ‘normal skin’, which rarely seems to give one head-aches. But what about dry skin? We think, and our anti-aging Neora experts tend to agree, that dry skin is most prone to crack, thus leading to fine lines and wrinkles.
For those who made a plan to stay young throughout their lives, that might be a problem. Mentally, you can be youthful forever, we’re talking about the physical part here. So what can you do in order to treat and take care of your skin? How can you prevent your face from feeling unprotected against harsh environmental factors?

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Dry Skin Routine – The Basics

There’s no such thing as a perfect skincare routine; anything in this world has flaws, tiny as they may be. One great product might work wonderfully for a person, while doing almost nothing for another. But there are a few basic principles which we can all follow in order to get closer to our skin health goals.
​For starters, let’s discuss cleansers. Foaming products might be an amazing option for oilier skin, but they would be too harsh on dried tissue. Same goes with soaps. Even if you do have acne breakouts from time to time, you still need a gentle formula. While it cleans out dirt and makeup, it will hydrate the skin. Pair that beautiful hyaluronic acid with some calming ingredients, such as cucumber extract.
As soon as possible after washing, while water is still absorbed into the skin, apply your favorite moisturizer. This is meant to repair some of those dried out layers of skin tissue, help your face retain water and act as a shield against damaging external factors. You could choose a creamier product during harsh winter times and a lighter, gel-like formula in summer.
Speaking of protection, do not leave the house without sunscreen. UV rays can dry out your skin badly, irritate it or lead to it peeling off in a sea of flakes. In some cases, you’ll find moisturizers that include sunscreen or even tinted foundation. Imagine putting three steps of your skincare routine into one, isn’t that the ultimate luxury?

That Extra Touch in Your Dry Skin Routine

We had to consider whether we’d put this part in the basic section or include it as an extra. Since it is optional, but important at the same time, we’ve included toner at the beginning of this second unit. Toner has the role of eliminating any remaining impurities after you’ve cleansed, while helping skin absorb other products you mean to apply on top. Since we’re talking about dry skin here, we consider it relevant to mention that you should pick a product which does not contain alcohol, so as to not irritate the skin any further.
​Next up: serum. These are supposed to contain higher concentrations of active ingredients in order to treat specific issues. Serum can smooth out skin and help it feel less tight. Some options on the market are made for hydration, while others have exfoliating purposes. If you do choose to exfoliate once in a while to remove dead skin cells, remember to stay away from harsh scrubs or chemical products, stick with the gentle stuff.
Other extras that you can use include masks, patches or eye cream. Since the eye area is problematic for most people, we definitely recommend not skipping that last one. Thanks to facial expression and sometimes insufficient sleep, you’ll get wrinkles faster around the eyes or dark circles underneath them.
Masks and patches aren’t a must on a daily basis, but could be highly beneficial if applied once or twice a week. They provide extra hydration or deal with issues such as acne breakouts and blackheads. In case you want to give all these a try, check out some Neora products too, such as their Age IQ Eye Serum or the Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches.
Does that skincare routine still sound really difficult to put together? We hope not. You’ll probably try your fare share of options and creams until finding those that bring results as close to ‘perfect’ as possible. Remember to protect your skin during the day and give it a hand with repairing at night. And choose natural, soothing ingredients, while staying away from aggressive products. Your face, and your self-esteem, will be sure to thank you.

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