The skincare mistakes you need to stop making in 2020

The skin is our guardian against the damaging environment. It has a protective barrier against stressors and a fantastic ability to repair itself. When this barrier is damaged, you start noticing a little sensitivity, dryness, irritation. These signs are just one step ahead of full-blown barrier damage that will trigger a cascade of other skin issues.

Signs of a damaged skin barrier

External polluters, dust, summer heat take a toll on our skin. It has a natural way to protect and repair itself but for how long? How can we tell the difference between a skin barrier damage and just a “bad” skin day?

Neora’s specialists prepared a checklist of 5 important signs you should check out:

1.    The skin does not react to moisturizer, and it feels dry and tight within minutes. If the moisturizer you use is appropriate for your skin type, it may be a sign that the waxy lipid bilayer in the outer layer of your skin has been stripped or damaged. This is the layer that locks in the moisture. Damaging this layer is really dangerous since dust, radiation, pollutants, impurities will now have access to deeper skin layers.

2.    The skin becomes highly sensitive to everything, and you have tender red patches.

3.    Skin inflammation is also the first sign of premature skin aging. Some products may sting a little when you apply them since they now penetrate more profoundly than they should. 

4.    Some areas of your skin feel itchy due to over-dryness and tightness

5.    Your skin looks dull and dry no matter what high-end products you may apply

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Main skincare mistakes almost everyone makes

If you noticed any of the above signs, don’t despair! The battle is not lost. It may mean that your skin needs a little extra love. The correct skin care routine help restore the lipid bilayer and bring back that natural healthy look of your skin. Neora’s specialists put together some common mistakes many of us make in our skincare routine

1.    Cleansing too often

We understand we all live in dusty, busy environments that make your face feel heavy. Cleansing more than twice a day can strip the top layer of oil on the skin that triggers the release of more oil. Use a face wash that offers a gentle cleansing in the morning and in the evening, removes the impurities and leave your skin fresh and brightened.

2.    Pulling at your eye area

We all want to fight the fine lines and wrinkles, but the skin around your eyes is highly sensitive and rubbing at it make them darker and might result in wrinkles around that area. Remove the makeup with a gentle cleanser. Add an eye serum for smoother, younger-looking eyes. 

3.    Using products that are not suitable for your skin type 

There are multiple options out there, and we are all tempted to enhance our beauty routine and try out different products. However, listen to what your skin needs. Always choose the products that are appropriate for your skin type for the fastest and long-lasting results. And remember, natural is always beautiful.

4.    Applying too much product

We understand you need fast results, but less is always more when it comes to skincare. A pea-sized amount is enough for face lotions, creams, and moisturizers. Use grape-sized amounts for cleansers and tonners and rice-sized amounts for eye creams and serums. 

5.    Not using the right skin routine.

The fine lines and new wrinkles are better to be addressed early in life, while your skin still has the natural ability to restore itself. A day cream adapted to your needs help fight the aging signs and restore natural beauty. Age IQ® Day Cream mimics the skin natural age-fighting properties and brings extra moisture for a fresh, rejuvenated look. 
Therefore, make sure you remember to add to your busy schedule some you-time to be able to take care of your skin correctly. Listen to what it needs and adapt your daytime or nighttime routine to get the best benefits from your products and obtain the fastest results.

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