Biggest Skin Care Trends and Innovations in 2020/2021 from Neora

Here’s something anyone could tell you about the beauty industry: it’s huge. We’re not only talking about fashion models and make-up brands, but also medical skin treatments and anti-aging products. Simple skin care science has evolved so much, it’s difficult to keep up with its constantly changing ingredients and technologies.

Fear not, we plan to tell you all about what’s happening this year. Starting with skin care apps, all the way through cannabis plant extracts. By the end, you’ll know who and what could help you feel younger, healthier and prettier.

Happy girl with healthy skin

Innovations to Expect in 2020’s Skin Care

First word of the day: simplicity. We don’t have time, or don’t want to, spend hours on end with facial treatments and whatnot. If possible, we’d like all our beauty secrets put together in a single cream. Many brands will try their best to help out by developing basic but efficient products to give you the cleansing and moisturizing level you need.

Secondly, because that’s how we function in this century, you’ll have an app for your skincare routine. These are created with the help of professional dermatologists. The apps will offer personalized advice and progress tracking for various conditions, such as acne, dryness, irritation and so on. You insert data regarding your diet, skin type, sun or pollution exposure, and an individualized treatment will pop back up.

On the same note, there are rumors about 3D printed face masks. Those are said to perfectly fit anyone’s features and skin type needs. How is that possible? With the use of another app, of course. That will allow you to customize the face mask, in order for it to properly address the issues on each skin area, by using the most suitable ingredients.

As we know, pollution can be a major threat to our health, and it’s the same when it comes to skin. Dust and toxic particles could lead to irritation, dryness, acne, and wrinkles. New products will focus on protecting skin from those damaging factors and help it regenerate through strong antioxidants.

Similarly, closer attention is now given to the dangers of UV rays as skin cancer awareness is on the rise. Aggressive tanning has become less often in recent years, and SPF levels in our skin care products are said to rise.

Nowadays, people will be more likely to ask professional doctors for treatment advice. They want to see real, fast results, and simple skin care science is more likely to give them that, compared to traditional, home-made mixtures. Furthermore, light therapy’s popularity might grow too. In its different forms, it can treat both aging signs, such as wrinkles or pigmentation spots, and acne or inflammation.

Peeling and exfoliating are going out of fashion, as people are giving up aggressive products. Repairing skin is where our attention goes now. Also, loads of young women seem to want a brighter complexion, so they’ll have access to innovative serums or oils which help them obtain that.

Lastly, a lot of focus is placed on getting rid of acne from adults’ lives. Of course, without major attacks to skin tissue and causing unwanted dryness. Little patches that stick to your face seem to do the trick. They are filled with small doses of powerful ingredients.

Trendy Skin Care Ingredients

Regarding innovative ingredients, customers will search for those which appear most natural. Both your body and the environment would be better protected from a strange, unknown chemical.

For instance, CBD oil, extracted from the cannabis plant, has gained more popularity over the years when it comes to treating medical conditions. We’ve reached the point where CBD can be added to beauty products, as it is said to calm skin irritation. This could help reduce acne, but also moisturize tissue and smooth it out for anti-aging effects.

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of retinol in anti-aging products. Nowadays, it seems like it’s getting replaced, and that started last year. Our new friend is called bakuchiol, it’s plant-based and offers a more gentle approach without drying skin.

Vitamin C continues to stay in the grand scheme of things, alongside A and E. Other popular ingredients are kefir, charcoal, and silver, all offering calming effects. Furthermore, if you simply cannot give up peeling, the classical glycolic acid and salicylic acid are getting replaced by even gentler polyhydroxy acids.

In case you’re looking for moisturizing products and don’t know where to start, Neora has developed some pretty nice stuff. They mostly focus on anti-aging treatments, so their most popular products are the Age IQ Day Cream and Night Cream. Neora’s ingredients are patented natural mixes, containing plant and flower extracts or fruit juices. This way, your skin will be protected and brightened, while antioxidants reduce wrinkles and skin swelling.

One last trend is people’s tendency to take supplements which keep their skin healthy and beautiful. We’ve become aware that diets affect the way our skin and hair look, so we want to help improve them. Our most common supplements might include vitamin B, zinc, probiotics and fish oils. Neora also has an easy to swallow products to get you feeling great both on the outside and inside.Our aim was to tell you all about this year’s upcoming trends in the beauty industry. Hopefully, we’ve convinced you of at least a couple of things: technology is included and new products are trying their best to keep you healthy and happy. That is certain to happen as long as you make sure to include natural products into your skincare routine as much as possible.

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