Skin Care Tips for Teens

As a teenager, friends are probably your main concern. Hanging out together, having fun, complaining about homework, are all important aspects of this beautiful period in life. At the same time, this age is probably when you start worrying more about your looks, and one common issue could be acne. Gathering the energy to build up an effective skincare routine might sound troublesome, but that’s why we’re here to help.

Happy teens running on the beach

Skin Types and Issues

First things first: figure out your skin type, determine the problems you’re having and why you’re having them. Mainly, hormones are to blame, but that’s not all. Every teenager goes through hormonal changes sooner or later, but he or she might not have the same issue as their close friends.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have what we call ‘normal’ skin. In this case, ‘normal’ might just be another word for ‘perfect’. No spots in sight, sometimes even pores seem really small. If you’re one of those blessed with great blood circulation and un-excessive oil levels, good for you, keep doing your thing.

Dry skin, on the other hand, is a bit problematic, as your face starts to look flaky and feel rough or even itchy. Treat it gently, don’t over-wash, always moisturize and don’t spend too much time around hot water.

For most teenagers, oil is actually the real problem. Oily skin is the most prone to acne and blackheads, thanks to all the large, clogged pores. And your face looks greasy too. If your hormones are causing an oil overproduction, worry not, you’ll find people on the same boat.

Some might even have combination skin, which means their oiliness issues only appear on the forehead, nose and chin areas, while the cheeks are mostly dry. Since we like to think of ourselves as generous people, we have prepared tips for everyone.

Great Tips for Dealing with Teenage Skin

This is going to sound obvious, but cleansing is the first step in a successful skincare routine. Depending on skin type, you might go through this process once or twice a day, and it’s even more important after doing sports and sweating a lot. Use a non-aggressive product, such as the Neora face-wash, to get great results.

Don’t skip makeup removal, as those beauty products have the potential to clog your pores. That is likely to result in acne breakouts or bad rashes. You could apply some toner afterwards for extra cleaning and tightening those pores up.

Moisturizing is important, regardless of skin type. The products you intend to use are those that matter. If you dry out skin with other products, such as cleansers, exfoliants and so on, it could produce more oil in order to compensate. Make sure you keep that pretty face hydrated at all times with a light moisturizer, for oily skin, or a creamy one, for dry skin.

Speaking of exfoliation, it’s definitely a process you want to try and go through, but not more than once or twice per week. Ingredients such as salicylic acid will give your pores a deeper cleanse and unclog them. Going over the top and giving your skin an excessive scrub, on the other hand, could remove too many skin layers and cause irritation.

Proper acne treatment is crucial at this time in life. Random products could cause severe allergic reactions, so it’s probably best to ask a dermatologist for a recommendation on what to use. For prevention, apply them all over your face, not just over current pimples.

As both a teenager and an adult, use sun protection. Aside from darkening your pimple scars and deepening wrinkles, damaging UV rays could cause serious medical conditions too. Sure, you could turn to anti-aging Neora products later on to fix some of the damage, but why not postpone that moment for a few years?

Prevention also relates to what you should eat or drink, or avoid, for that matter. Allow yourself enough of a daily water intake, keeping the body hydrated from the inside out. Ingest less dairy or sugary products.

Furthermore, watch out for bacteria, laying in places you might or might not think about. Wash your hands regularly, before touching your face. Don’t share makeup products, as you’ll exchange germs with your friends as well.

We’ve all been through this dark place of fighting acne during our teenage years; except maybe for a few lucky ones amongst us… Try enjoying the beauty of these youthful years as they, along with their problems, will pass.

There is one major rule though: DO NOT pop those pimples. A pimple will pass in a matter of days, a scar will stay for years. Keep your patience in place!

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