Where Does A Shower Fit into Your Skincare Routine?

We have all been repeatedly told that we must wash our faces daily. As children, we had to remove all the dirt, invisible or otherwise, that laid on our skin after playing outside. As adults, we still have to get rid or makeup, sweat and all sorts of pollutants, so cleansing should be a major part in everyone’s skincare routine.

Problem is, we might end up being too aggressive when trying to remove all unwanted particles from the skin. Washing our face in the shower can sometimes do unnecessary damage, hence it’s important to know how to do it right and what habits dermatologists recommend us to avoid.

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What Dermatologists Advise You Never Do

First up on our list of harmful shower factors is heat. Hot water’s negative outcomes don’t apply only to facial skin, but affect your whole body. You might have noticed your hands or legs getting red after exposure to high temperatures, so why would you want to attack your face like that?

We’re not just talking about heat itself, but the length of the time you spend in a shower or bath as well. Combining these two is sure to cause dryness to your skin, which leads to flakiness and wrinkles in the long run. Sure, you could combat those with anti-aging Neora products, then again, try a bit more prevention too.

The main reason why skin becomes dry after a long or hot shower is that the natural oils this tissue produces are washed away. You don’t really want to do that because they are beneficial in small amounts, creating a natural barrier useful for skin protection. Same story goes with freezing water – it’s not good for you, so try a more balanced approach.

Secondly, specialists in skin health will suggest you try to protect your face from any chemicals which are not suitable for it, such as shampoo or shower gels. These could have traces of strong cleaners that have a good chance of providing you with a rash. You might not even realize when there’s still a bit of foam left on your hands and you splash it over your cheeks. It’s possible to not even notice right away, but this contributes to skin dryness.

Thirdly, it’s a general rule not to leave products which are meant for your face in the shower. Long exposure to steam and heat might mess with their properties. Plus, bacteria is likely to develop, which will then end up on your skin and cause acne breakouts.

How to Clean Your Face the Right Way

Let’s give a thought to the ways in which you could take advantage of the time spent in the shower and not feel like it’s a waste. Steam opens up pores and you could get a deeper cleanse right afterwards. If you’re quick and enjoy lukewarm water, you might get a proper face washing after all. But remember, keep it short and lower the temperature.

In case you decide to cleanse right before a shower or bath, you can use the time spending washing the rest of your body by applying a mask on your face. Then, once you get out, simply rinse, put on your favorite moisturizer and you’re done for the day.

On the other hand, you could keep the face cleansing for later, after the shower. This way, you also make sure all unwanted traces of shampoo or similar stuff are removed. Pick up your Neora face-wash, then apply moisturizer while the skin is still damp, for maximized effects and complete absorption.

What advice should you take home after reading our article? Taking care of your skin is easy, the key to this is not being too aggressive. This amazing organ has its own, natural ways of repairing itself, so we shouldn’t try to prove it wrong by washing those away. Be gentle and your skin will reward you by staying young and pretty, just as you’d like it.

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