What Are the Effects of Aging on the Skin?

For those of us keeping a positive outlook on life and succeeding to keep a young mind throughout it, aging might go unnoticed. If only skin wouldn’t show such obvious signs when we take a look at ourselves in the mirror. Although it might be a trigger for panic, it’s better to notice them sooner rather than later. That’s the way to make sure you’ll plan an efficient anti-aging skin care routine to help fight all the symptoms and causes involved in this process.

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Telltale Signs of Aging Skin

Wrinkles don’t simply appear over-night, we don’t just snap our fingers and poof! there they are. Lines start taking form at an early age and they are influenced by numerous health factors. We can protect ourselves against some of them or completely avoid others. Sun fits in the first category, while smoking and unhealthy eating habits belong in the other.

The first fine lines begin showing in your late 20s. Usually, they appear in the areas with those face muscles we use most often. Facial expressions start imprinting themselves into our skin, so you could say the signs of smiling or frowning never go away completely anymore. Other than that, hormones could play with your feelings too. They cause unpleasant acne cysts to form in the jaw area, and those take longer to go away.

A decade later and sagging starts. Don’t worry too much as it won’t be extremely visible, but your cheeks will probably feel less full and round. Skin doesn’t renew itself that fast anymore, so dry, dead cells could become visible on the surface. The sun’s UV rays also show their consequences, in the form of your first dark spots.

During the mid-40s, dryness gets more obvious and, in women, it’s caused by menopause and estrogen levels dropping. Tissue elasticity lowers and sagging starts to happen around the neck and jawline as fat moves to that part of the face. In your 50s and later on, wrinkles are more and more visible, most likely thanks to high skin dehydration. At the same time, bone density is lowering, so the eyes might look like they’re sinking into the face.

Besides the signs we’ve already mentioned, the skin won’t be as smooth but will feel rather rough as you age. It becomes more sensitive too, so it’s easier to get bruises or even lesions after minor bumps. As you get older, it will look more transparent, and tiny blood vessels will seem a lot more visible.

The sun, although one might think it provides a beautiful tan, is actually dangerous. Even if you don’t get as far as getting skin cancer, pigmentation spots, moles, and wrinkles caused by dryness will still show. UV rays are damaging towards elastin, the factor which makes skin elastic and keeps it from sagging. You lose that and collagen anyway as part of the normal process, so let’s not quicken it.

Sleeping positions, the pillows, and sheets we use could help those lines form and become deeper too. Also, smoking dries out the skin and increases the number of wrinkles you have. Don’t forget not to use strong soaps and chemicals or extremely hot water either when washing your face and body.

Ways to Slow Down the Aging Process

The first and most important solution is to include sunscreen in your anti-aging skin care routine. Especially in summer, UV rays become highly aggressive, and prolonged exposure during midday is not recommended. Not just for beauty reasons, but overall health.

Quit smoking as soon as you can; it increases your odds for various types of cancer anyways. Also, try to reduce alcohol as it is also a cause for skin dryness. Eat fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, while lowering processed sugar intake.

Gentle exfoliation is a good solution for removing those layers of dry skin, while deeper layers regenerate. Retinol and glycolic acid provide great help with this. Furthermore, you’ll want to prevent dryness by using proper moisturizers, such as those with hyaluronic acid on their ingredients list. For dark spots, it’s best to use sources of vitamin C.

Of course, complicated, powerful treatments are available on the market, including lasers and Botox. We honestly recommend starting to think about anti-aging skin care earlier on and give yourself a hand by using natural plant-based products. Neora offers a great selection of those, having developed effective, successful Age IQ Night and Day Creams, along with cleansers and even serums that specifically target the eye area.

Lastly, a healthy body with young-looking skin definitely deserves a similar mind to match it. It doesn’t matter how old you get, embrace it and try to be thankful you’ve reached that point in life. You’ve probably enjoyed so many beautiful moments along the way, there’s no point in spoiling them. Those smiles are worth causing a few wrinkles around the eyes.

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