The Perfect Age to Start Using Anti-Aging Products

Most of us tend to wait for the right moment to get started on something we want or need. Whether it is exercising, dieting, developing our hobbies and so on. The same goes with taking good care of our skin. We wait for the necessity of using anti-aging products to be really obvious. But the perfect moment is usually today, or as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the aging process to start and then fight it, rather try to prevent its signs earlier on.

The girl fight with aging

When Should You Start Using Anti-Aging Products

Skin aging cannot be completely stopped, as it is a natural process which all of us end up going through. It’s caused by the production of collagen, a substance which makes skin tissues smooth, gradually reducing over the years. What can be done is to slow this process down and make its consequences less visible.

Professionals estimate that skin aging starts when we are around 25. From this point on, up to the age of 30, is when we should begin using anti-aging products. Of course, not everyone will show wrinkles at this stage, but those creams also have prevention purposes. You just need to pick the best one for your needs, skin type, whichever makes you feel good.

During our 20s, most likely we won’t even see any signs of aging. On the other hand, tiny efforts to keep us constantly one step ahead of that scary phenomenon is always a good idea. Daily care of simply hydrating skin with a moisturizer can do a lot of good long term. If you don’t feel like that’s needed yet, just staying away from aggressive sun rays is still an improvement. That can mean choosing to hide in the shade during those middle hours of the day and applying sunscreen to your face and exposed areas.

In our 30s, some visible fine lines could start to appear, and prevention should become part of a habit. You can look for creams containing hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and all sorts of vitamins, such as A and C. At the same time, oily creams might not be the best idea just yet, as they could encourage acne development. Seeking advice from dermatologists or pharmacists is recommended, in order to find the perfect product for one’s skin aging needs, while avoiding irritation and other possible side effects.

Later on, in our 40s, obvious wrinkles are developing and skin seems not to be as firm as in the early years. More powerful moisturizers and antioxidants will most probably be required, and they’ll need to be applied more often as well. Besides that, diet plays a major role, with vegetables, fruits, healthy protein and fats all determining the aspect of our skin. Sufficient rest and diminishing stress factors shouldn’t be left out either.

During the next decade, your 50s, you might notice skin becoming drier. Because of less hydration, wrinkles will be easier to develop and more visible. When washing your face, focus on mild cleansers, and not soaps which in the past have helped you get rid of oily skin. Keep using moisturizers with proper amounts of antioxidants as well.

When already in our 60s, old age can become more difficult to hide. But skin can still look healthy and you could appear ten years younger than you actually are. At all times, but maybe at this stage more than ever, a dermatologist should be the one advising as to proper anti-aging treatment. This will definitely change over the years, individual needs influencing the strength and number of appropriate products.

The Science Behind Neora Skincare

Neora, a Texas-based company, has reached worldwide acknowledgement in the recent years thanks to its powerful anti-aging products. Its two most popular fighters against skin aging are the age-defying Neora Day Cream and Neora Night Cream. But the scientists and dermatologists working in their laboratories continue to develop new, effective products.

Those two previously mentioned creams are under the umbrella of Neora’s Age IQ Treatment. They’re both based on NAE-8 extract, which contains a powerful plant known as Oleander. Combined with other natural ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, green tea and vitamin E, Neora’s products make a promise of bringing back youth into your skin.

Scientific research and clinical trials have proven Neora products to be effective, verifying this with deep facial scanning. Both the Day Cream and Night Cream seemed to reduce wrinkles and discoloration up to as much as 30%. Other than that, the creams work really well with fine lines, pigmentation spots, enlarged pores and loose skin as well.

In case you wake up and find yourself aging when looking in the mirror, try not to get discouraged. This is a perfectly natural process and it’s a beautiful thing to go through. When our skin needs some anti-aging improvement, wrinkle creams are here to help. The Neora Day Cream and Neora Night Cream are tough fighters for making your skin look young and smooth.

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