9 benefits of Neora’s skin creams

Like any other cosmetic company, Neora claims it will do miracles when it comes to rejuvenating your skin and make you look a decade younger. The official website is also filled with amazing reviews and photographic proof of those who supposedly got the best out of their anti-aging creams. Let’s give their products and reviews a look.

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What is Neora?

Neora is a Texas based company, started in 2011, that has managed since then to reach not only customers in the United States, but has become popular at an international level. It is said that Neora has managed to earn as much as 100 million dollars only in its first year of activity. As the cosmetic industry is growing at a spectacular level, this does not come as a surprise, and it is predicted that the beauty market will generate one trillion dollars by 2025.

Our attention is focused today on a company which has reached high levels of profit by only developing three main anti-aging products. Sounds amazing, right? Furthermore, it seems it might not actually be that difficult to enjoy the success of the Neora family yourself. The business works by collaborating with individuals called brand partners, who find their own way of selling the products. This is why you can easily find all the creams on Amazon.

There seem to be loads of benefits when becoming a brand partner. You can work from home, build your own schedule, take as many vacations as you want, and even get to win free traveling experiences or cars. Anyone can become a brand partner and it’s easy to find written testimonials about the job on various websites. Some complain about not earning as much as they expected or spending more hours than they wanted on the job, but levels of disappointment can also depend on the selling techniques they choose or the financial goals they set. Either way, realistically, there are advantages and downsides to every job and none of them can be perfect for every single individual.

What is in Neora’s creams?

The main ingredient that needs to be mentioned is NAE-8 extract, which is obtained through a process they chose to name “NBio-PL2” and represents a strong antioxidant, with a major role in preventing and even reversing the skin aging process.

NAE-8 is actually a combination of two plants, Nerium Oleander and Aloe Vera. While it is known that the second one is highly beneficial for skin use, Oleander doesn’t have the exact same reputation. Some fear its side effects. When it comes to ingesting this plant, it has been proven poisonous and deadly. But no one said you should eat the cream…

Neora has succeeded to use these natural ingredients in order to produce three successful anti-aging creams: the Age-Defying Night Cream and the Age-Defying Day Cream, with prices as low as 79.99$ and 45.99$ on Amazon, and the Neora Firm Body Cream, which can be purchased for 34.25$. On the company’s official website, the numbers go a bit higher.

About those 9 benefits of Neora Creams…

Should we say that both men and women can use the creams, regardless of their skin type? It can be mentioned that the Age-Defying Night and Day Creams are for facial treatment, while Neora Firm Body Cream is usable on other areas of the body. Other than that, let’s cut to the chase and tell you what you want to know, the 9 things Neora claims it will do for you:

  • Regenerate skin firmness
  • Reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Even out the skin
  • Restore the vitality of skin tissue
  • Make pigmentation spots disappear
  • Heal sun damage
  • Reduce the aspect of enlarged pores
  • Calm symptoms of rosacea
  • Push cellulite out of your life (hear that, ladies?!)

Whether you are worried or not about the products containing oleander, it is up to you, but let us tell you more about the things you really don’t need to concern yourself with, as these creams don’t go anywhere near them. Neora’s products are free from gluten, sulfates, synthetic colors, propylene glycol, parabens, DEA and phthalates.

All the creams are thick and powerful moisturizers, with a few small differences to set them apart. The Age-Defying Day Cream contains, alongside the previously mentioned NAE-8, a mix of moisturizers, tripeptides, green tea extract, and vitamin C. The Night Cream pairs NAE-8 with collagen, elastin, glycerin, all of which are known antioxidants.

Neora Firm Body Cream was put together in order to be used to fight cellulite, sagging skin around the stomach, wrinkles and pigmentation spots that appear on hands, and so on. The ingredients that are supposed to tone the aging skin are caffeine, green tea extract, white willow bark, and forskohlii root.

What do former customers say?

As with anything else, there is a difference of opinion in this case too. For most customers, the creams bring amazing results after only a few weeks of use, whilst others claim the treatment has done nothing for them, not even after a few months. Complaints regarding the high prices might appear, although Amazon is a good place to look for offers and bargains.

Compared to other developers in the beauty industry, Neora has gained a good reputation. The Age-Defying Creams mostly have four or five stars on Amazon, so we think it’s fair to believe that it works pretty well for most people. The Neora Firm Body Cream is a bit lower, with a three stars average, but it has some nice results, especially on the women’s side, who say it helped them get rid of sagging stomachs and also cellulite on the lower parts of their bodies.

Some Closure on the Neora Topic

We are going to get a bit cheeky and throw in some advice at the end. The effects of Neora’s creams cannot be guaranteed by anyone, especially because opinions are so obviously divided and the products have worked differently for various individuals.

Taking that into consideration, we would suggest trying them before you make a financial commitment if you have the opportunity. Take advantage of the company’s policy, a 30-day refund deal, in case you are afraid not to cry over your money later. Get to know a brand partner, they might let you test something for free. Maybe become one yourself! Find out what the job is like from someone who does it and think if it might suit your aspirations.

No matter what you choose, besides keeping your skin young with Neora’s or other company’s anti-aging products, do what makes you happy and keep your mind young as well.

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