Innovative anti-aging solutions by Neora

Neora is a direct sales company just Like Rodan + Fields, Beautycounter, QNET, and Arbonne. Among products sold by Neora, a mix of anti-aging skin care products, supplements that focus on sleep and boosting energy, and products that improve skin. According to Neora, the approach used to anti-aging is holistic.

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Neora’s Ingredients

Ingredients of the Products sold by Neora range from antioxidants, peptides, which include amino acids, which are helpful in diminishing of the aging signs, vitamins as well as plant extracts. NAE-8, which is an ingredient derived from the Nerium oleander and aloe vera plant is what Neora was built around. The ingredient is found in the brand’s Night Creams and Age-Defying Day Creams. Vitamin E, Aloe vera juice, rice bran oil, and hydrolyzed quinoa are also contained in the products. SIG-119 is a patent pending which is contained in the Age Defying Eye Serum as well as aloe vera, jojoba, hyaluronic acid, and green tea.

Apart from Nerium oleander, SIG -1273 is also a brand ingredient, which is included in the Optimera Formula, which was one of Dr. Jeffry Stock, a professor at Princeton University. In accordance to Neora, this is a patented, age-fighting ingredient which is inclusive of a phytol compound that acts as a skin protector as well as a super-antioxidant with properties of boosting and more so mimicking the natural age-fighting mechanisms of the skin.

Other ingredients used by Neora are blends such as Sea3C, a sea whip extract mix which is derived from a creature whose habitats are the coral reefs, Betula water which comes from birch and lastly the raffinose usually found in beans that can add moisture to dehydrated skin.

Circadiplex Blend is among the wellness products with a combination of ashwagandha root which is a medicinal herb as well as a leaf extract, a product extracted from a plant the product being Gotu kola powder and reishi mushroom powder. The ingredients are formulated in such a way that they balance circadian rhythm.

In both Neora and wellness products, Probiotics are also featured. As a way of helping a healthy skin biome, a blend of hydrating ingredients is contained in the Skin-Balancing Lotion. The main ingredient behind Probiotic Plus Vitamins and Prolistic Pre & Probiotic is Probiotic.

How effective the Neora products are

The information provided on the product description page for the Age Defying Day Cream is not convincing enough since Neora only lists results from clinical trials which were independently conducted disregarding the details about who conducted the clinical trial and more so the number of participants. Among the relevant information left out is participants whose skin moisture increased significantly, which was about 93 percent of the participants, those whom uneven skin texture improved which was about 86 percent, and those who showed a reduction in pore size which was 86 percent. In regard to Age Defying Eye Serum decrease in fine lines appearing around the crow’s feet area was about 89 percent, those with brighter skin in the eye area were about 80 percent and those who had an improvement of dark circles appearance were about 67 percent.

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